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Yoga at Home



"I recognize your humanity.

I am here for you with Respect and Compassion."


Zimbabwean by birth and based in Dubai, UAE.

Michelle Saudan, has travelled to 67 countries in the name of cultural exploration, connection and as well as working  for some of the Worlds Renowned -Award Wining Brands in Hospitality, Sustainability and Wellness.  

Michelle has been trained in a Psychotherapeutic Approach called Compassionate Inquiry, by Dr. Gabor Mate - A World renowned Expert in the field of Trauma, Addiction & Stress.  


She is a Certified Coach, Mental & Emotional Health Specialist, Trainer, Massage and Sound Healing Therapist, Meditation Facilitator, Wellness Manager and Consultant. 

Michelle supports Individuals, Couples and Groups who no longer want to be limited by their reactive patterns, cultural conditioning , dysfunctional  attachment styles, and past traumas. Anyone who wants to "return, remember and reconnect".

By meeting them where they are on their  journeys and helping them to embody new possibilities in Life and Love ( with self and the world around them).

Compassion, Connection and Curiosity are three of the main tools that she brings to this work.


DHA registered Massage Therapist | IPHM accredited practitioner & therapist

ICF| CCE accredited Life Coach



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