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Sound & "Your" Healing...

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

" Sound will be the medicine of the future"- Edgar Cayce

To be whole is the very meaning of healing. The use of sound as a healing modality dates back to pre-historic times when our ancient ancestors across cultural bounds used chants, mantras, drums and many other instruments to heal people. In Zimbabwe, where I was born, the Mbira (Dzavadzimu- "Voice of the ancestors") was and is still used today to initiate a healing ceremony.

Everything in nature, in existence vibrates at certain frequency, the ocean, bird songs, movement of our planet etc. We are made up of vibrating atoms that can emit, receive and store energy. Every atom is a vibrating source of energy and "Energy communicates with Energy".

Harmony is . Sound Therapy takes away the stress from the system by entangling your system to the harmonious vibrations. Therefore our system will naturally open to it because states of harmony like love, calm and many others alike are our Natural states of being in which true deep healing takes form.

"Newtonian Physics is what our conventional medicine is based on. Allopathic medicine has an emphasis on the mechanical/physical realm as opposed to the invisible. This is why at times the practices surrounding energy healing modalities like Sound Healing may be perceived as mythical. In 1925, the Quantum Theory was discovered and this instills the fact that Quantum physics is a much bigger science of which Newtonian Physics is a smaller compartment of" - Dr. Bruce Lipton.

In simplified terms, this supports the theory that Sound Healing creates an environment that exposes your system to harmony which then allows for healing to take place.

Sound + Intention = Healing.

As a Therapist, I create the harmonious environment coupled with my intentions to guide you into a journey of your self-healing. As one seeking healing, you need to open more than your ears and allow yourself to be receptive.

Alas this where and how the magic happens!

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