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High Fives

Training & Workshops

Corporate Training programs including but not limited to Compassionate communication, Mindfulness, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Our world today and tomorrow requires teams to harness new skills not only to raise their quality of life but to Improve the mitigation of conflict, fuel innovation, build existing skills,Power productivity and enhance a culture of teamwork and trust.

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Healing Arts 

Private or Group Sessions curated to mark a transitional phase in ones life. Integrating various modalities such as  meditation, visualization , coaching, bodywork, Aquatherapy and/or sound  & vibrational healing. This is a gentle journey designed for those who are ready to explore their truths, and move forward with clarity or insight.

Contact me below to curate your wellbeing experience.

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Wellness and Retreat Programming

Committed to working with you on a journey that will bring forth authentic wellness programming for your clients. With a large database of experts in a myriad of specialities , the right people, products and services can be brought together to support your Vision.

Current Practitioner Residency

SEVA Experience, Dubai.

Service: Vibroacoustic Bodywork

* Bookings are only for in person Sessions based on availability

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